Your Most Important System

Your body has 7 vital Systems. Think of them as gears that drive your wellness. If they are functioning optimally, you will have excellent health. Let’s talk about your most important System.

“Get the structure right and the function will follow!”

—Linus Pauling

Startling Facts

  • It is estimated that 1/2 of all Americans over the age of 50 are at risk for bone problems. Worldwide, loss of bone density causes an osteoporotic fracture every three seconds.
  • Without intervention, you can lose seven pounds of muscle per decade. Muscle loss with aging (sarcopenia) is the most reliable indicator of health.
  • One in 5 U.S. deaths is related to obesity. The more you over-stuff your fat cells, the more they sabotage your body and mind.

The Structural System is the primary structure in the body, and most of us have problems with its function. It is the foundation for all the other Systems because it holds everything together. Your bones, muscles, and fat perform three vital functions:

  1. Bone = Supports
  2. Muscle = Moves
  3. Fat = Stores energy

No matter how hard you try, you will never be healthy if you don’t have a sound working Structural System. Prioritize good bone health and alignment, maintain muscle mass as you age, and avoid unwanted body fat.

Mary is one of many people who suffered problems with fat, muscle, and bone. See how she transformed her health and fixed all three issues using the simple proven steps in the following excerpt from the 7 Systems Plan book.

One afternoon, a room full of men and women who desired better health attended a meeting about the 7 Systems Plan. When the presentation was over, a woman with poor posture and a slight limp walked forward. When she spoke, she had a twinge of panic in her voice.

“I am 60 years old and about to retire from my job. It hurts too much to work. What hurts even more, is that I won’t be here for my grandkids if I don’t do something fast.”

Sensing the urgency of her situation, we set up an evaluation to identify the cause of her poor health and severe weight problems.

In Mary’s consultation, she stated she had been on countless diets and lost hundreds of pounds, only to gain them all back and more. She had given up hope of having a thin body again. She also had joint problems and recently had a knee replaced.

Examination and lab testing revealed that Mary had hypertension, high cholesterol, inflammation, and type-2 diabetes. A body composition evaluation showed severe muscle loss and over 100 pounds of extra body fat. Mary’s skeletal exam found osteopenia, a forward head posture, an increased curve in the thoracic spine, and degenerative joint disease. She was already on prescription drugs and would be placed on more if she pursued medical treatment for her conditions. Based on her history, examination, and lab tests, we focused on her Structural System.

Over the next year, Mary followed the 7 Systems Plan and eliminated her need for prescription medicine. Her blood pressure and cholesterol normalized, and her type-2 diabetes disappeared. She gained significant muscle and lost over 100 pounds of body fat. Spinal adjustments improved her posture and bone and joint health tremendously. In addition to feeling great, she looked so different that many people did not recognize her.

The key to her success was fixing her malfunctioning Structural System and then optimizing the other Systems. Once we did that, we eliminated most of her health problems. This truth proves an essential point in our proven plan: When the body’s Systems are all functioning correctly, weight loss and health are an expected result.

Even 14 years after our initial assessment, Mary has kept the weight off and maintained a healthy Structural System by following the 7 Systems Plan.

Mary used Functional Foods to help support her Structural System and lose weight. These nutrients are scientifically formulated to help countless patients with tremendous results. The 7 Systems Plan works without them, but they will speed up your progress. My studies show people progress twice as fast when using Functional Foods.

Want to learn more about the course Mary went through?

Functional Foods are a great tool to help fix your Systems. They taste good and replace a meal, making them great for weight loss and muscle building. Dynamic Daily Meal is the best functional food to support your Structural System.

In today’s video, see how neglecting even one System can sabotage your health.

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