Hi, I’m Dr Pat Luse


What if you could have

an amazing health transformation,

lose weight and heal chronic illness?

Thanks to the 7 Systems Plan, you can!

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The 7 Systems Plan has transformed the lives of countless overweight and ill people. This model has evolved over the last 30-plus years and includes the latest scientific breakthroughs to produce optimal results.

“If you are despairing, as I was, that you could never get off the diet roller coaster and ‘just live a normal life,’ please give the 7 Systems Plan a chance.”


“My health is my primary focus – the weight loss is a side effect. I now have the tools, knowledge and support to make this a lasting lifestyle. At age 51, I have never felt better!”

– JoDee


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Functional Foods to get you started


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The Ultimate Chunky Chili

This is the best healthy veggie and turkey chili recipe for your slow cooker or crock pot. You won’t be disappointed. This is a chunky, delicious and kid-approved chili recipe, even for the pickiest eaters

healthy chocolate mug cake

Have your cake and your nutrients too! This Mug Cake recipe is so simple and delicious and the secret is using your favorite protein powder. 

tex mex chicken salad

Is there anything better than the mix of southwest zest and the vibrance of a chopped salad? Pair this Tex Mex Salad with a smoky chili lime dressing or creamy “dorothy lynch” dressing for an exploding with flavor salad.

asian ginger tahini dressing

Creamy, smooth, zingy and slightly sweet, this tahini dressing will make any salad more tasty! You can sub soy sauce for the amino acids or coconut nectar for the stevia, try your own combinations.

mediterrean chopped salad

Packed with the perfect balance of freshness and healthy fat, this Med salad will make your taste buds sing.


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