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Amy had been overweight her whole life and had been on countless diet plans. In fact, she didn’t tell anyone what she was doing for 2 months for fear of failing again. Her severe obesity limited her ability to participate in physical activities with her children and enjoy life. Her transformation was amazing! In eight months she lost over 100 pounds and fixed each of her 7 Systems!

She now enjoys doing activities with her children and even though she had never ran a mile in her life, she is now running 5K races!

Candi vowed she would never spend another dollar on a diet plan again, until she found this course. She knew she had to do something though because she wanted to be around for her grandchildren.

Her high blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure were serious problems. She lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off for over 13 years and at age 73 is enjoying time with her grandchildren.

JoDee was told by her medical doctor that she was obese and needed to lose weight. Her energy was low and she would find herself dozing off while grading her student’s papers after school. She was really trying (diet and exercise), but the pounds would not come off.

Six months after starting this course she had lost 65 pounds by correcting two key hormones. She has great energy, has kept the weight off for over three years and is taking a kickboxing class after school.