Thyroid Hormone and Metabolism

Did you know the most important hormone to increase your metabolism is your Thyroid?

Have you tried multiple diets and multiple exercise programs only to be discouraged? Thyroid function can have a significant impact on your health. Thyroid function can increase your metabolic rate by 15%, if it’s working correctly. If it’s not working correctly it can lower it by 30%.

It’s important that you know the signs that your thyroid might not be working well. Some of the signs include:

  • Dry skin and hair loss

  • Loss of the outer third of your eyebrow

  • Low energy

  • Weight gain

  • Being cold

There are some very good lab tests that you should have done periodically to see how your thyroid’s working.

1. The first is TSH – thyroid stimulating hormone. Now if your thyroid stimulating hormone is high, it means your body’s asking for more thyroid.

2. You should also have your T3 and T4 checked. T3 is the active thyroid hormone, and T4 is the inactive one. We want to know if your body’s producing enough T4 and if it’s converting it to T3, the active form.

3. Reverse T3 – So that would be the active form being converted back to the inactive form.

4. All of those tests give you a good idea of how your thyroid is functioning. Now if that’s too complicated, how about checking your temperature in the morning before you get out of bed? If it is below 97.2°F, there’s a pretty good chance your thyroid is under active, or hypothyroid.

Check your temperature for a few days before you get out of bed, first thing in the morning, and see what it’s running.

People that are low in thyroid frequently need to get prescriptions. If you do, the two most common are Synthroid and levothyroxine. They are very highly prescribed. The only problem is they’re only the inactive form (T4).

If your body has a hard time converting it to the active form it may not help as much as it should. A better, more natural way is to use a natural thyroid like WP Throid or ArmorThroid,  and they have both T3 and T4. It kind of eliminates that conversion problem.

To fix your thyroid, check your temperature, and see if it’s running low. If it is, you should have a thyroid panel done.

Frequently when you fix your 7 Systems, it will help improve thyroid, and I’ve even had patients that were able to get off thyroid medication, going through the 7 Systems Plan Course, but not always.

Low iodine can also be a factor in thyroid dysfunction. Taking a little iodine, and don’t overdo it with iodine, but a little bit can be helpful. If it doesn’t respond to these things, then I suggest getting on a natural prescription for thyroid to optimize your thyroid function.

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