The 7 Systems Plan has changed the way I think about food. It has helped me to focus on the overall well-being of my body, instead of just losing weight. The food journals and weekly videos were vital to my progress and helped me to realize the importance of when I eat, not just what I eat. I could not run a mile six weeks ago and today I ran 8!

I am very thankful for the 7 Systems Plan that has helped me lose over 100 pounds. Dr. Pat has taught me “the why” behind exercising and eating healthy. The weekly lessons are so beneficial as they are chalked full of learning and collaborating with others who share in your journey and joy! This program has given me my life back and for that I’ll be eternally grateful!
Amy Benson

The 7 Systems Program truly changed my life. I first joined the program approaching 10 years ago now. I was overweight, unhealthy and straight up freaked out!
I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I made it a priority to work out, to follow the eating plan and was extremely ecstatic each week at weigh in to see the pounds consistently fall. Before long I lost 50 lbs getting to the weight I was in high school, which I think is pretty dang good. I’ve managed to keep the weight off and I have never felt better. I am in my 40’s and am loving LIFE!! The 7 Systems has been an absolute blessing

Last my husband and I were not happy with our bodies. Over the years we were not eating healthy we didn’t feel good and we were overweight. My husband suggested that we try the 7 System Plan. He said let’s check it out and let’s do it together. Over the next few months, the course took us on a journey that was life changing. The 7 System Plan educates you about how your body process the foods you eat. It educates you on the good foods versus bad foods, counting calories, and overall nutrition. Dr. Pat and his team join you on your journey. You’re given weekly lessons, along with encouragement. We lost over 100 pounds and got off medications. Thank you we are forever grateful. Pam and Mark Stines
Mark and Pam Stines

I wish I had don this Plan when I was 40! I went from not energy and 8 prescriptions to high energy and no prescriptions.