Could Standing at Work Increase Your Metabolism?

Could Standing to work increase your metabolism, weight loss, and improve your health?

I’m always looking for ways to increase my metabolism.

The last few years standing workstations have gained popularity and I’m often asked if standing to work increases metabolism. Well, I happen to have a study to show you, as I frequently do!

The standing study is really interesting. The study divided people into two groups after lunch:

  • Group One sat for the rest of the afternoon
  • Group Two was placed at a standing workstation

They monitored their movements to make sure that group two wasn’t moving more, and the movement was the same.

So what did they find?

  • Significant differences!

  • The standing group attenuated glucose excursion by 43.

What does that mean? They’re using a lot more blood sugar doing that, just by standing and they burned an extra 174 calories.

Now that may not sound like much but if you think of that over 90 days and you would have lost four or five pounds just by standing to work in the afternoon!

So, do I stand to work? Well, yes, I do, my friend!  I have an office standing workstation, and I have a standing workstation at home as well.

Standing to work gets a thumbs up! I encourage you to try it.

Are you interested in learning more about boosting your metabolism?

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