How to Overcome Food Addiction

What was the first product ever made in America to make you an addict? 

Let me give you some clues, it was used to stimulate the pleasure pathways, the ingredients were cocaine, alcohol, sugar, and caffeine.

Any guesses?

It was also used on Civil War Veterans that were addicted to morphine to help get them off morphine, which it did, but then they became addicted to Coca-Cola.

The government did make them remove cocaine and alcohol, but it left the other things in that continued to make people addicts.

If you look at most processed foods today, they stimulate and target the same addiction pathway in the brain. These foods stimulate the release of dopamine, which makes you feel good temporarily, and want more. As you continue to use these products you become addicted.

The most common food addictions in America are: potatoes, soda, chocolate, donuts, pizza and other products made with sugar and flour.

Let me give you three tips to break your food addiction. 

  1. Go 7 days without the food you are addicted to. You will find your cravings will decrease or even go away. While it can take a full 40 days for some people, the cravings will go down significantly with time. I have helped many get rid of addiction and found that going cold turkey works the best.]

2.Fix your gut microbiome (gut bacteria). Having good bacteria in your gut can be very helpful in breaking addictions. Keep those good bacteria working for you, because they produce the neurotransmitters that make you feel good (like addictive foods do), so you don’t need to depend on addictive foods.

3.Have a support group. Food addictions can be difficult, have people who will support you in your effort. For all of you who have joined the 7 Systems Plan Online Course you have access to our private group page, and there’s always support and help for you there.

For more information see the addiction lesson in the 7 Systems Plan Online Course.