How to Cut Your Calories in Half

A few changes can make a big difference. Can you spot the difference? Look at these two meals and see if you can see the difference. Start at the top and work your way around the plate and see if you can come up with four things that make these meals different.

The differences, only half the calories in the meal on the left! What made this huge difference in calories?

  1. More vegetables. Find ways to get more vegetable into your diet.

2. Less avocado. Although it is a great food, it does have a lot of calories, so don’t over consume.

3. Less cheese. A little cheese is OK to use, but cheese is something you should use sparingly.

4. The last one is the most difficult to spot. The meal on the left has cauliflower rice, instead of regular rice. This makes less carbohydrate, and is a vegetable rather than a grain, which are both good choices.

Here is the take away: making some simple changes can significantly decrease your calorie intake, help you lose weight, and be just as satisfied.