New Miracle Cancer Drug

New Miracle Cancer Drug! Does diet help in the prevention of cancer?

A new miracle cancer drug! This is really huge.  It’s called iloccorb. Have you heard of this?  So what is this and what does it do?

A study shows it stops cancer proliferation and it is chemoprotective. This is the dramatic effect it has on cancer. Why have you not heard about that?

Maybe because it’s just a vegetable. Broccoli!

We know that it can have a tremendous benefit in decreasing cancer cell’s continued growth and it also protects you from getting cancer.

In the study, they found:

  • Broccoli was the most powerful in benefit
  • Cauliflower had significant effect
  • Brussel sprouts had significant effect
  • Other cruciferous also had significant effect

Eating cooked broccoli has benefits, but raw broccoli is the superpower cancer protector!

So, eat some of your vegetables raw, especially broccoli, for even more protection from cancer! 

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Dr. Pat Luse

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