My #1 Go-To Product

If you’re trying to lose weight and fix your 7 Systems, this is my #1 go-to product, especially if you want to curb stubborn sugar cravings and lose weight quickly.

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients for weight loss and appetite control.

It even affects several weight-regulating hormones produced by your gut. But studies show that one-third of all adults do not get enough protein.

Protein is a macronutrient, meaning your body needs it in large amounts every single day. It cannot be stored, as can carbohydrates and fats. When you are low on protein, your body draws it from your muscles, decreasing muscle mass.

On the 7 Systems Plan, we encourage you to eat less meat, so how do we increase protein? The answer lies in Functional Foods. These are specifically formulated to provide a high-quality, plant-based protein source and all the other nutrients to replace any meal. They are also developed to help fix each of the 7 Systems in your body. They’re an easy way to ensure adequate protein intake, optimize weight loss, support gut and bone health, and much more.

Getting the right amount of daily protein is critical to achieving optimal health. And I can’t think of a better or more delicious way to do it than with NutriDyn‘s Functional Foods.

I have been using Functional Foods for over 15 years as an easy way to ensure I’m taking in all the correct nutrients and making my weight maintenance effortless.

Want to learn more and see which Functional Foods would be best for you? Check out this video:

Functional Food Recipe:

From Teresa’s 7 Systems Kitchen

Berry Restore Shake


  • 1 Scoop NutriDyn Dynamic GI Restore Vanilla or other functional food
  • 1 Scoop NutriDyn Fruits & Greens Berry
  • 1/2 Cup Frozen Strawberries
  • 1 Small Banana
  • 5 oz Plant-based Milk
  • 5 oz Water
  • Ice Cubes

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