Lets Talk About Diet Pills

Are diet pills a safe way to help speed up your metabolism and lose weight?

My passion is to help people get healthy! In working with individuals to help them boost their metabolism the topic of diet pills often comes up. Are diet pills safe? What about weight loss supplements? Have you tried them before?

  • There are animal studies that researched this. They took animals, they put them on these drugs to see if it would increase their metabolism. So what happened? The results are powerful. These drugs increased it four-fold. That’s huge! In fact so much that it produced so much heat that the animals cook themselves to death.

  • If we look at anti-obesity drugs, we know that they can raise your resting metabolic rate up to 30 percent by affecting your sympathetic nervous system. The bottom line is when your sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, your heart beats faster, your metabolism speeds up, and you burn more fat.

  • The sympathetic nervous system is also the fight or flight response. Your heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes up, respiratory rate goes up, and your metabolism goes up. Just think about getting chased by a lion, that’s stimulation of this sympathetic nervous system.

Now there’s a problem that comes with diet and weight loss pills. What might that be?

How about dying?

One of the drugs – ephedra, is a supplement you can get in an herbal pill. They have been using this for years. It’s connected with not only weight loss, but with strokes, heart attacks, arrhythmias, and dying.

The FDA first warned people of this back in 1994. It came to light in 2003 when a professional baseball player died, and they found ephedra was one of the things that contributed to his death.

Manufacturers are supposed to make sure these products are safe before they put them on the market. However, there’s not a lot of regulation and oversight. The company can claim no negative side effects, no adverse reactions, the product is 100% percent safe. They can state it won’t interfere with any of the medications you’re taking.

When they conducted a criminal investigation into this company, they spoke with the founder. He said he’s never had any complaints.

However, when they dug deeper into the case, they found 13,000 complaints, with 200 of them involving hospitalization, and some died.

So here’s my verdict!

Weight loss supplements and diet drugs are a No!

There are better ways to speed up your metabolism! Powerfully safe and effective way to boost your metabolism to lose weight are possible!

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