Good Health Results from Good Communication

Startling Facts About the Communication System

  • 1 in 4 men over age 30 has low testosterone.
  • An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, and up to 60% of them are unaware of their condition.
  • 90% of adults over 50 have problems with their hormones, nerves, or neurotransmitters.

“In the 21st century, our taste buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones, and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry.”

—Mark Hyman

Let’s imagine that your other four Systems have been working correctly up to this point:

  • Your Structural System is supported with real food.
  • Your Digestive System breaks down the food into available nutrients.
  • Your Delivery System picks up the nutrients and delivers them to the cells.
  • Your Energy System (mitochondria) turns the nutrients into energy.

Now, you need a way for all the Systems to communicate for optimal functionality.

The Communication System

For the first four Systems to work together simultaneously, they must talk to each other. This is where the Communication System comes into play. It has three main players:

1. Hormones

2. Nerves

3. Neurotransmitters

In this newsletter, you’ll discover how the Systems communicate. When the Communication System works correctly, you’ll lose weight, heal chronic illness, and reverse aging.


The word hormone comes from the Greek word hormon, which means to excite or set in motion. Hormones are essential for each System to function properly. The body has 80+ different hormones, and they all perform unique tasks. They control everything from body temperature to appetite.

Many factors can disrupt the hormones, including weight, diet, stress, aging, drugs, and environmental chemicals. You can optimize or impair them by what you do to your body.


Nerves transfer electrical impulses from the brain to the Systems. These impulses are instructions telling the Systems what to do. Separate nerves carry signals back to the brain, giving it feedback. If you’ve ever touched a hot plate, you’ve pulled your hand back because of your nerves. Sensory nerves feel the heat and signal the brain, and the brain sends signals back through the motor nerves to let go of the plate—all in less than one second. Optimal electrical flow through your nerves is critical to the Communication System.

Neurotransmitters (NTs)

The 46 miles of nerves in the body are not in one long, continuous string. There are billions of separate nerves with junctions or gaps between them. The brain and gut produce chemical messengers called neurotransmitters (NTs) to transfer signals between these nerves. The brain uses NTs to tell the Systems what to do. They can make the heart beat faster, lungs breathe quicker, and the stomach speed up or slow digestion. NTs also have a significant effect on mood.

7 Signs That Your Communication System Is Working Against You

1. Weight gain

2. Night sweats or feeling cold

3. Low morning energy or loss of sex drive

4. More stress than you can handle

5. Depression or sleep problems

6. High blood sugar or high blood pressure

7. Back or neck pain or numbness and tingling

Meet Donna

Donna, a 55-year-old, walked into my office dressed warmer than the weather demanded. She complained about back pain. By her own admission, she didn’t feel her “normal” self. Her energy was low, her sleep conflicted, and her sex life nonexistent. She suffered from weight gain, mild depression, and diabetes, and she was on medication. To top it off, she felt cold most of the time. (That explained the sweater.)

During my examination, I noticed that she had lost the outer third of her eyebrow, her hair was thinning, and the skin on the back of her hands was thin. Lab tests showed high thyroid-stimulating hormone (a sign of an underactive thyroid), high HbA1C (a sign of diabetes), elevated fasting insulin level (a sign of insulin resistance), and low vitamin D. Spinal evaluation and X-rays revealed significant subluxations in both her cervical and lumbar spine. It was clear that Donna’s Communication System was working against her.

She began using the 7 Systems Plan. After 90 days, Donna had experienced a radical transformation. She had acquired newfound energy, was much happier, lost 35 pounds, gained visible muscle, and reached her ideal weight. Spinal adjustments restored vertebral alignment and optimized nerve function. For the first time in a long time, her back felt better. The condition of her hair and skin improved significantly, and most of her symptoms disappeared.

Her HbA1C decreased from 7.2 to 5.5, indicating her diabetes was gone. Her thyroid level returned to normal. Her vitamin D rose from 18 to 52, and her insulin dropped from 23 to 5.

However, she continued to have decreased libido and sleep problems. She would frequently lay awake for two hours before drifting off to sleep. Further testing revealed that her progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen were low because of her age and a hysterectomy.

Since Donna had already been working on the 7 Systems Plan, exercise, and stress control, she was a perfect candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Her response to treatment was impressive. Within a few days, she was going to sleep immediately; her energy picked up even more, and her libido increased.

You, too, can experience the same benefits if you follow the 7 Systems Plan.

Stay tuned as we dive into this fantastic System in our following newsletters.

For your health,

Dr. Pat

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