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Functionals Foods

Over the years, working with thousands of patients, we’ve learned that adding Functional Foods to their program significantly speeds up weight loss and system repair! Use the Systems Survey Questionnaire to help determine which Functional Foods will most help you.

I’m excited to announce some new changes!

We have a NEW PRODUCT LINE! For years, I have used both Metagenics and NutriDyn supplements and both are great companies! Recently, NutriDyn has started producing Function Food Shakes and I personally have been using them for months. Now I’m hooked


That’s why I’m making NUTRIDYN my go to brand!


✓ higher therapeutic dose of key nutrients = more effective system fix!


✓ added nutrients, minerals and plant extracts = faster progress to health goals!


✓ nutridyn products = 10-20% less expensive to purchase!

Compare the most popular NutriDyn and Metagenics products.

Functional Foods to get you started


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Dynamic Cardio-Metabolic promotes overall health and well-being by supporting healthy blood lipid profiles, healthy oxidative stress, optimal blood glucose balance and cardiovascular health.            READ MORE


A Powerful Blend of Evidence-Based Nutrients for Supporting Both Phase I & Phase II Detoxification. A clinical-grade food supplement containing a comprehensive spectrum of essential micronutrients …   READ MORE


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