The Story

I discovered the 7 Systems Plan by accident

Throughout my pre-med and health training, I was fascinated by weight loss, fitness, and nutrition. I took every course on natural therapy I could find.

I had my first chance to put theory into practice during my clinical internship. One of the male interns on staff was obese, but he wanted to lose weight and get in shape before our graduation in 90 days.

After consulting with him, I placed him on a program to boost his metabolism, make him feel full with fewer calories, and give him nutrients to optimize fat burning and muscle building.

To the amazement of everyone on staff, in 90 days, this man lost 60 pounds of fat and gained a lot of muscle. He became lean and trim, and his self-esteem and confidence skyrocketed.

This health plan changed my friend physically and mentally, and ever since then, I’ve been devoted to helping people get their healthy bodies back.


For 30 years, I kept up with the latest scientific breakthroughs and added new and exciting principles to my plan. The 7 Systems Plan now includes the most successful and helpful principles for weight loss and health restoration in the world.

My passion is to restore my patients’ health and vitality using safe, natural methods. I encourage and educate people about safe and inexpensive nutritional, lifestyle, and exercise options that radically reduce their risk of dying prematurely from dangerous drugs, surgeries, and many common and preventable degenerative conditions.

It is my hope that you can turn your life around too, whatever your struggle is:

weight gain, illness, aging body, loss of energy, loss of passion to do the things you used to love, prescription drugs that are making you more miserable, fear that your life is shortened by your bad habits…

whatever it is, I want to give you hope.

Meet Your Health Coach

Dr. Pat Luse is among the most highly trained chiropractors in America today and is the president of Tri-State Physicians and Physical Therapy Clinic, which ranks in the top 1% of clinics in the US.

Pat is a certified lifestyle coach and has treated tens of thousands of patients from all across America and around the world. He is passionate about helping people regain their health through safe, natural methods. His book, The 7 Systems Plan, is the result of over three decades of work and research.

God is the top priority for Pat and his wife, Teresa. They are actively involved in their family (four biological and four adopted children), their church, and their community.