Dr. Luse’s Journey

If only that boy in my 7th grade gym class knew how he changed the trajectory of my life and career. He was obese and introverted and teased by the other kids. So much so, that he eventually came with a note from his doctor excusing him from class. I felt deeply for him. And that memory never left me, I carried it through my pre-med and health training and it fueled me to become fascinated by how weight loss, fitness and nutrition works. And it didn’t stop there, I wanted a foolproof plan and took every course I could on natural therapy to cultivate one.

My wife, Teresa and I began applying what we learned to our own lives. Like a dynamic team, I worked to compile all the scientific knowledge, while she applied everything she learned to kitchen – creating healthy recipes that were easy and satisfying.

As an intern I began having success…

Near the end of my medical internship in Chicago, a classmate approached me with a personal dilemma.

He said, “I have noticed the success you have been having and I wondered if you could help me?  I want to lose 60 pounds before graduation in 90 days.”

Immediately, this sparked the memory of my 7th grade classmate.  I was in!

After consulting with him, I placed him on a program to boost his metabolism, make him feel full with fewer calories, and give him nutrients to optimize fat burning and muscle building.

To the amazement of everyone on staff, his patients and family, in 90 days, he had lost over 60 pounds of fat and gained a lot of muscle. He became lean and fit, and his self-esteem and confidence skyrocketed.

Ever since that amazing health transformation, we have devoted our lives to helping people lose weight and get their health back.

Family Life

I married Teresa, my high school sweetheart and the woman of my dreams in 1975. Feeling blessed with two biological children, we began to feel compelled to open our home to more children in need.

Working through an international adoption agency we found an orphaned sibling group of four non-English-speaking children in Costa Rica. They were ages 2 to 9 years.

They came to us with several issues, including multiple, significant health problems and medications. Within 90 days, using all the tools we had developed, most of their health problems had resolved as well as their need for medications.

After having two more biological children, our family of ten was complete. Since then, we have been blessed with in-laws and grandchildren. God is the top priority for me and my wife Teresa. We are actively involved in our church and community.

Dr. Pat Luse

Dr. Pat Luse BS, DC, CCRP, CCST, DABCO is a chiropractic physician and primary health care physician. He is a member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Physicians, American Chiropractic Association and the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association.

He is the founder and CEO of Tri-State Physicians and Physical Therapy Clinic in South Sioux City Nebraska. His clinic is ranked among the top 1% of multi-discipline practices in the nation. His passion is to empower people with evidenced-based solutions to improve their health naturally.

Dr. Pat has been featured on…

His book the 7 Systems Plan won an Author Academy Award and an Amazon # 1 best seller award. The book has impacted people around the world.


He has developed revolutionary online programs with participants in most States in America and eight countries around the world.


Dr. Pat is a sought-after speaker on topics such as weight loss, digestive disease, nutrition, heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, hormone problems, autoimmune disease, and natural detoxification.