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After working with tens of thousands of patients and decades of research, I made a discovery that changed the way I help people who struggle to lose weight. Since that discovery, I have been able to help countless people lose weight, maintain their progress and enjoy amazing health. Most medical and health programs focus on the symptom, the fruit, instead of focusing on the cause, the root, of health problems. My desire has always been to get to the cause, but getting to the root can be expensive, and exhausting for the patient. After working with tens of thousands of patients and decades of research, I made a discovery that changed everything.

The 7 Systems Plan has transformed the lives of countless overweight and ill people. This model has evolved over the last 30-plus years and includes the latest scientific breakthroughs to produce optimal results.

This one-of-a-kind, revolutionary course will help you implement simple, proven steps to optimize the function of each of your body’s 7 Systems for lasting weight loss and ideal health. The 7 Systems Plan Online Course is now being used in eight countries around the world and almost every State in America. I love seeing these health transformation stories come in from around the world. Discover how it came about.

Functional Foods

& Supplements

Over the years, working with thousands of patients, we’ve learned that adding Functional Foods to their program significantly speeds up weight loss and system repair! Use the Systems Survey Questionnaire to help determine which Functional Foods will most help you.

Is one of your 7 Systems sabotaging your weight and health?

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